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A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century

This book is an attempt to identify, study and solve large-scale problems of our time thorough the lens of evolution.

The main problem authors have identified is that despite the fact that humans are very good at adapting to changing environment, modern rate of change is too fast. The hyper-novelty leads to the fact that many people begin to feel confused, anxious and lost. It also leads to many problems we face as a society and a species. Authors try to approach identified problems through thinking from the first principles to filter out incorrect and irrelevant information and avoid the naturalistic fallacy.

My Top 10 Books

Today a friend asked me what they should read to learn more about product marketing. I said I didn’t know much about product marketing, but I listed a few books that have made a big difference in the way I view the world over the past few years.

A friend was very appreciative of the list and said it was just the thing, so I thought I’d post the list on the blog so it would be easier to answer questions like this in the future by just sending a link.

So here is the list of my top 10 books, broken down into 3 categories: learning, life in general, and wealth creation.